Graphing Workload vs Your Health

workload vs health graph

So for a while now I’ve been wanting to utilize Brian Shaler’s site. Until recently I never had a thought until I wanted to show how a heavy workload was affecting my health as of late.

Therefore I created the graph above to show that with a normal workload I tend to spend more time working out and eating/drinking properly; however the heavier workload it seems I come under, I start eating worse (fast food and even eating later into the night), drinking more pop/soda/energy drinks (to keep chugging along for longer periods of time), and that usually means working late into the night and sleeping later and missing morning runs or working out altogether. By including mental health, I just mean the stress that comes with a heavy workload usually isn’t that good for you either.

Well there’s my first graph using – maybe you can relate, maybe not. Either way – now you’ve got the 411.


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