7 Things About Me

A friend of mine, Steve Belt, recently tagged me in a meme to explain seven things about me that you, as a reader, most likely wouldn’t know from talking with me on a normal basis.  This has all the feeling of those lame myspace bulletins, but I feel the added transparency can help open me up and it seems fun and the bottom line; it’s content, something I’m otherwise lacking, so here we go:

  1. I was involved in mixed martial arts before it got trendy and have been through about 13 years on and off of Jiu Jitsu and Pankration training.  I originally got started because I was a skinny kid who had a bigger mouth than body to back it up.  One of the fireman (my dad was FD) was a 4th degree Black-belt Instructor and had started transitioning to Jiu Jitsu, and after talking with him I did some physical labor and electrical work in his condo he taught me everything, which led to classes and clubs later on.  Currently I’m not active, but I would like to get back into some Krav Maga or Savate training but they charge far too much.
  2. I can’t get enough information, whether it be reading more blogs feeds or simply watching endless hours of Discovery, Travel, History or Military Channel. I love knowing everything.  It’s sometimes a curse.
  3. I love math, physics, astronomy, and history.  This leads to my interest in reverse engineering everything, how things are made, or the reason a dragster was a tenth of a second from crossing the line first.
  4. I originally went to college for Aeronautical Engineering and got 3/4 of the way through before being introduced to programming for the internet and never looked back.  I like the puzzle aspect and problem solving of programming, even though it stresses me out at times.
  5. I live and breathe competition.  This goes for sports, work and even conversations; I can’t help it and it aggravates people but I definitely don’t like to lose.
  6. I can name just about every single military aircraft on site, new or old, including x-type and training aircraft.  And, just for kicks, I’ll throw in that I love air shows and love fly-overs at games or racing events.
  7. I actually do enjoy volunteering, although I don’t do it very much.  In the past I’ve built 6 houses and 4 parks with playgrounds for Habitat for Humanity using my construction background.  I’ve volunteered at Burn camps (summer camps for kids with severe burns) through the fire department and helped with construction and remodel projects for widowed military wives.  I like doing it because it makes me feel good but I do pick and choose the recipients.

Thanks for reading and now I’m passing the flame and tagging 7 friends so you can learn more about them as well:

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      Why I Left MySpace

      MySpace has become the Goodwill / Walmart of social media sites. My leaving this late in the game may surprise many of you (assuming I would have left long ago) but I have hung out for some not-so-internet-savvy friends, but have finally made the decision official; I’m deleting my MySpace profile and not looking back.
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      .ME Domains for Personal Branding

      Today is the official public launch for the .ME TLD (top level domain).  It’s like a .com but it’s a .me – dig?  If you have a fairly popular name such as Chuck Reynolds, then I suggest you get out and secure your name before the next guy/girl.

      I can’t say enough about how important personal branding is these days, and I do blabber about it all the time, so secure your name and your kid’s names because the internet isn’t going anywhere and managing your reputation online starts with owning your personal brand.

      Most registrars should have active registration for .ME today.  I personally always use NameCheap for all my domains but if you are like the rest of the sheep you can use the other guys.

      So what domain.ME did you buy today?  I got ChuckReynolds.me (which for now I’m just forwarding to my .us name) – couldn’t get Geno.me though… doh

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