Notes on Self-Promotion by Peter Shankman

There was too much going on at SXSW for me to catch everything – I’m catching up on panels I didn’t see and Peter Shankman had a great talk on self-promotion and how to do it right. Honestly this stuff is very common sense but if you’ve been on twitter or facebook for more than a day you know that most people still don’t get it. Here are my notes from his talk.

Self-Promotion to save the world
— by Peter Shankman @petershankman

– Get other people to WANT to do your promotion for you
– not saying how great you are, but having others want to say how great you are
– when self-promotion is done right – it’s helping
– being “that guy” – the person you call when you know you’re in the shit and they’ll get you out of it, they’ve done it before without having to ask.
– Transparency: obama won off being more transparent, works for you too
– Relevancy: is what you’re saying / promoting relevant to your audience?
– 2.7 seconds is attention span now – and get hit with that 16,000 times a day
– people like “finders” – the guys who are discovering the cool things and sending it out
– do it to be a nice person
– using the word “I” is the key to self-promotion failure
– be thankful and respect other people
– Everything you do either good or bad is a reflection of your personal brand – we live in a society now that there is no personal vs professional – there is no more private vs public

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  • Lindsey

    Great advice! Will keep that in mind!

  • @jblm

    "there is no personal vs professional – there is no more private vs public" is not true at all. we can send direct messages, fb messages, that's private. we can have a professional profile at LinkedIn, Naymz and there we've better not be personal!

    • Chuck Reynolds

      I know what you're saying with dm's and sms and fb msgs but think of search… Linkedin and everything is searchable and anything you put on those profiles is public in one way or another. He's talking public info – it's all merging into one thing. You're a person and a brand for yourself – what you do on your personal blog is all rolled in with your public facing "never did anything wrong in my life" linkedin profile.
      Just because a company finds you on Linkedin or Naymz doesn't mean they won't Google you and find all the other stuff about you – and your facebook profile ;)

      Him jumping out there and saying "there is no more private vs public" may have been the wrong wording but you have to see what he actually means right?

  • Gleb Esman

    I decided to do shameless self-promotion for myself in Starbucks: I registered domain and stick it's name on the back of my laptop's screen. So when i work in Starbucks – everyone could read my "ad", lol.

    Why should i promote laptop brand but not myself?


    • Chuck Reynolds

      haha – nothing wrong with that at all Gleb – if anything it's a great conversation starter and biz generator. Then your site better be good enough to close em! :)

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