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Over the years I’ve built a lot of custom plugins for projects and clients, however they were typically a one-off use-case and sold with the project. While getting more involved with the WordPress community and organizing the 2009 and 2011 WordCamp Phoenix conferences I realized more that I needed to share some and not keep it so quiet. So I built a couple things that I felt served the community well where a void existed. I have shared WordPress Code Snippets on GitHub that can help you too.

Current Plugins

Facebook & Google Plus Open Graph Protocol

This plugin adds well executed and accurate Facebook Open Graph Meta tag information to your site. The idea is to keep minimal settings and options as to remain out of your way and in the background while still proving a powerful Open Graph plugin for your WordPress site. This plugin works on Facebook, Google Plus, and Linkedin. Shortname: WPFBOGP
Download: WordPress Facebook Open Graph v2.0.13 – (development on github (pull requests welcomed))
Downloads: 238050

Selfish Fresh Start Clean-up

This WordPress plugin removes most, in my opinion, unneeded crappy dashboard, post & page widgets, fixes formatted curly quote problems, checks for and removes Hello Dolly, removes junk header tags including the generator tag for extra security, removes update notifications for non-admins, removes old user profile fields like aim, prevents self pinging, removes smilies and trackbacks, and a few other settings that nobody needs either. This is built to be very generalized so it will work with every WordPress site as a good clean-up fresh start and help keep clients out of the editing files.
Download: Fresh Start Clean-up v1.1.0 (don’t forget to rate it!)
Downloads: 5443

Admin Slug Columns

Put the slug of post and page into the admin columns – why? Because I REALLY needed it for a couple sites. Works like magic!
Download: Admin Slug Column v0.3.0 (don’t forget to rate it!)
Downloads: 4877

Remove Tools Menu

Super simple plugin to remove the Tools menu from WordPress Admin.
Download: Remove Tools Menu v2.3 (don’t forget to rate it!)
Downloads: 3242

Brown Paper Tickets API

This plugin pulls your events from Brown Paper Tickets and will list all of them via a shortcode and the event date and time and provide a link for your users to buy tickets off of BPT. You can also display single events with the shortcode as well.
Download: Brown Paper Tickets API v0.2 (don’t forget to rate it!)
Downloads: 2007

Infusionsoft for Developers API Plugin

This plugin is primarily designed for developers adding Infusionsoft API hooks for use in WP. It only provides a basic feature set for the average WordPress user.
Download: Infusionsoft WordPress Developers API v0.2 (don’t forget to rate it!)
Downloads: 1728

Most plugins I write are for specific instances and not for public consumption. If I see more fit for public release I shall do that. If you need something created Contact me.

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