Android to Iphone Part 2

google-android-htc-g1-vs-iphone-3gsI’d like to clarify things with the last post about my switch from Android to iPhone.  I didn’t get too specific because one, I felt stressed to get the post out quick and 2 I felt stressed about the video.  Partly why I suck at updating this blog, but whatever.

I keep getting asked to elaborate a bit and now that I’ve had the iPhone 3GS for a couple days I have some more details and insight that may interest those who have pondered a similar switch.

  • I had an issue with with apps on the G1 as they don’t store on the SD card and the actual handset has only like 256mb of on-board memory so I had to keep uninstalling apps to add new ones.  iPhone has a 16gb hard-drive – nothing to worry about (and a 32gb model is available also).
  • The keyboard typing logic is much smarter on the iPhone; less mistyped words and I seem to be faster typing on the iPhone than the G1 (while using the software keyboard).  I think the keys are better placed as the screen seems wider, but they’re not as tight together and I can type pretty quick and even better on landscape mode.
  • GPS on the iPhone locates me much faster than android and it seems much more responsive to movements and rotation.  The original G1 demo videos had Google maps rotating the little street view guy to the direction you were looking but for one, I never used that specific functionality (no need), and two, it was so far buried in the map menu’s it wasn’t fast enough to be useful in my opinion.
  • Apps wise…  and this partially ties into GPS but BrightKite and Foursquare actually work for finding where I’m currently located (despite their own individual software flaws).  The BrightKite app on Android would always keep me stuck at my last check-in point even if I hit “dismiss guess” 10 times.  Searching worked for finding and checking in but that’s not the point.  Only once out of about 30+ check-ins so far did I have to search for the place I was at on the iPhone’s BrightKite app.
    There wasn’t a Foursquare app (there was FourDroid but it was beyond horrible and FourSquared is in limited alpha at this point) on the G1 Android platform so I can’t compare apps, but the mobile version of their site didn’t have nearly the features the iPhone app has (but the iphone app doesn’t have venue search yet either so).
  • Battery life… perhaps too early to tell because I’ve been hammering my iPhone with new apps and download tons of apps/games to test and also beta testing for a new GPS-based game called 5thDimension so that has been sucking the battery down.  But with that said – I’m not getting any less battery life than the G1.  Batteries in gadgets in general suck so I know there will be no dramatic change either way.

iPhone quirks at the moment

  • Having some duplicate entries and split records with contacts that have synced from my Google Apps account.  I’ve heard from a couple iPhone users they have the same issue and I’m hoping that’s one of the issues addressed in the 3.1 update coming in a few weeks.
  • The lack of settings options for the system and individual apps.  For one I’m used to going into the app and then doing its settings, but iPhone has all settings for everything in one spot. Again something to get used to but I can’t have different sound volumes for sms versus ringer tones… can’t set ringer to a sound but then have sms/emails vibrate… it’s all things make noises or all things vibrate – nothing in between.  And certain alerts seem much louder than others.
  • Ringtones have to be hacked to work but there’s a great way to create free iPhone ringtones (thx to @amysellers and @leaky_tiki for the find)
  • Alert sounds… how do I get new ones? fail
  • The protective Incase case I bought was $37 bucks after tax… holy crap!

Anything I currently miss from Android?

  • the simultaneous background processes was pretty slick on Android, not gonna lie, but in all practicality I don’t really miss it and I have yet to run into, or foresee running into, any position I’d be in to where that would be a vital feature I absolutely needed.
  • I kind of miss Android’s ability to “tab” into other apps while they’re running, but I think that’s just a work flow issue that I’m not completely used to yet as the iPhone you have an app open or closed – nothing else.  Again nothing big that I foresee a problem with once I get more used to the flow on the iPhone.

I’m sure there will be more things I forgot (always is) but you can follow me on twitter for the smaller bits of info and all my other random stuff I post about.

Jan 2010 UPDATE: I waned to mention a great post on TechCrunch titled “An iPhone Lover’s Take On The Nexus One” that’s worth a read.


8 Responses to “Android to Iphone Part 2”

  1. On 10th Jul 2009 at 14:06, I switched from an Android G1 to an iPhone 3GS | rYnoweb by Chuck Reynolds said:

    […] I've added some more insight in a second post after using the iPhone for a couple days: Android to iPhone Part 2 #arkayne { background: transparent; text-align: left; vertical-align: top; margin: 5px 0px; […]

  2. On 10th Jul 2009 at 14:26, Paul Sutton said:

    Nice detailed review, all a bit arbitrary for the purposes that I would ever use it for, but nice and to-the-point. I’ll wait till you have had some experience with AT&T service to make up my own mind; am curious though, how much $$ have you spent on the apps that are purely for fun/pleasure?

  3. On 25th Jul 2009 at 17:28, john said:

    how does tweetie compare to twitterific (free)?

    G1 is 1 year old. Not fair to compare with 3GS.
    But I understand about it sucks about waiting for Android phone with hardware that matches 3GS.

  4. On 23rd Nov 2009 at 17:03, Stephen Murphey said:

    I'm curious how the Droid compares to the iPhone 3G. I'm still under contract with Verizon and I've been hoping they get something remotely as good as the iPhone, hopefully the Droid is. I've played around with both the iPhone and the Droid and really like both. Overall the iPhone is smoother to use and way more apps, though I've heard rumors that Verizon is supposed to get an iPhone in 2010. Such a dilemma…

  5. On 3rd Jan 2010 at 05:48, jared said:

    I need to get out of the stone age and get one of these. I can't beleive the stuff you can do with your phone these days. great breakdown and reveiw.

  6. On 6th Jun 2010 at 22:36, Dhruval said:

    Hey my G1 is basically messing me up. Right now I have all the contacts and SMS and everything backed up by an app called MyBackup Pro. I am switching to iPhone. Somehow G1 is acting really weird and the screen would just stay black most of the time. What I want to know is how to put those contacts and SMS (those are 2 most important) on my iPhone from that app’s back-up file. is there any way? G1 messed up my gmail account too it won’t sync with my gmail contacts and somehow just deleted all of them. however when I managed to turn my fone on once, i saw that my fone still has contacts and i backed everything up using mybackup pro. Please help me out Thanks!

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