People Don’t Buy What You Do – They Buy Why You Do It

I found this post about a TEDx Speech by motivational speaker and author Simon Sinek entitled, “Entrepreneurs: It’s Not What You Do, It’s Why You Do It”. He talks about his concept “The Golden Circle” (3 circles representing the different ways we think about a product/goal (watch the video)), goes into the Diffusion of Innovations theory and explains it all quite well.

It’s a philosophy I have always felt and more recently started following myself for a while and, among other things, explains why past business partnerships I’ve made eventually failed and why I’ve decided to be solo for good. This whole talk refers to and explains (MUCH better than I could) why I say “old school” all the time; this is what I mean, people I say are old school are working for the paycheck, not for what they believe. Living in the top 10% and trying to do business with somebody in the last 16%… let’s just say you don’t quite see eye-to-eye.

Anyways it’s good and I thought it needed to be here for you.

Quote from Speech:

There are leaders and there are those that lead.
Leaders hold a position of power or authority, but those who lead – inspire us.
We follow those who lead not because we have to but because we want to, we follow those who lead not for them but for ourselves.

Check out his book on Amazon:Start With Why
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Watch the whole speech:
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