The Return of Rynoweb

This isn’t so much of an introduction as it is a re-introduction to myself, Chuck Reynolds, and my blog

Quick History

This blog, in her hay-day, used to get around a thousand or so unique hits a day, depending on what I posted, and she made some good revenue for me through the Google Adsense program. I’d follow whatever was the latest trend on the net, whether it be funny, dirty, “illegal” or anything really, it didn’t matter; I’d post about it, link to cool stuff or host files that nobody could find for them to come here and get. All that and all before Digg, StumbleUpon, or any of the other traffic generators that are utilized today.

So why did I stop? Honestly it hurt my relationship at the time and I got tired of doing it – it got to be a job in itself I didn’t want and I didn’t really care about anything I was writing and had no passion or drive to continue doing it. In another way, it was also due to me entering into the professional industry and beginning to learn how important name branding was starting to become on the net due to the way search and privacy in general was going. So one day I gave it all up, stopped blogging, stopped collecting checks from Google, and took the site down, removed the links and files and locked the doors.


So why am I back and where is going now? Well I’ve never gone anywhere really. To make a long story short, I moved a few times, had a few girlfriends, grew up a bit, and more importantly over time I started two companies, WebMediaRx and LogoALL, which in December of 2008 I decided to resign from and focus more on freelance work and get back to running things the way I want. On the surface I help in strategy, architecture, and development Web sites and follow through with solid SEO skills for clients and agencies all day everyday. So what now?

What it’s All About

I still have that uncanny knack of finding stuff on the Internet but more importantly I read and learn a ton. I love learning just about anything really and the web industry changes so much from week to week it works well for me. The problem comes in when I want to open up a discussion or when I have questions or an opinion on something or have something to teach others that I’ve picked up or discovered and I have no where to discuss it, ask it, put it or say it.

Welcome to Rynoweb

I therefore welcome you to the new and most definitely improved and the new home and postings of Chuck Reynolds. The topics here will range from developing Web sites, to user security, to search engines, to Web tech, to social anything, to tips and suggestions, to art and design, to daily life on the grid. Mostly though, the articles will either educate you or expand your thinking on a subject and hopefully get you to discuss and interact with me and the rest of the community. These are my stories, opinions, and vices… here on rynoweb.


As a final note; the link on your name to your site after posting a comment is free from the nofollow attribute common to blogs because I believe if you took the time to contribute to my site, I should therefore do the same in return and allow the engines to follow you back to your home. The sidebar is somewhat bare right now and I lack archives and informative page(s) but this site is most definitely a work in progress and will continue to be. I don’t feel anything is ever perfect and therefore will continue to modify and improve this site as I do with myself in my profession.

Thanks to all who have read to this point and as always, stay classy and feel free to comment and contribute!

Chuck Reynolds

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