Notes on Self-Promotion by Peter Shankman

There was too much going on at SXSW for me to catch everything – I’m catching up on panels I didn’t see and Peter Shankman had a great talk on self-promotion and how to do it right. Honestly this stuff is very common sense but if you’ve been on twitter or facebook for more than a day you know that most people still don’t get it. Here are my notes from his talk.

Self-Promotion to save the world
— by Peter Shankman @petershankman

– Get other people to WANT to do your promotion for you
– not saying how great you are, but having others want to say how great you are
– when self-promotion is done right – it’s helping
– being “that guy” – the person you call when you know you’re in the shit and they’ll get you out of it, they’ve done it before without having to ask.
– Transparency: obama won off being more transparent, works for you too
– Relevancy: is what you’re saying / promoting relevant to your audience?
– 2.7 seconds is attention span now – and get hit with that 16,000 times a day
– people like “finders” – the guys who are discovering the cool things and sending it out
– do it to be a nice person
– using the word “I” is the key to self-promotion failure
– be thankful and respect other people
– Everything you do either good or bad is a reflection of your personal brand – we live in a society now that there is no personal vs professional – there is no more private vs public

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5 Responses to “Notes on Self-Promotion by Peter Shankman”

  1. On 18th Mar 2010 at 22:45, Lindsey said:

    Great advice! Will keep that in mind!

  2. On 29th Mar 2010 at 21:24, @jblm said:

    "there is no personal vs professional – there is no more private vs public" is not true at all. we can send direct messages, fb messages, that's private. we can have a professional profile at LinkedIn, Naymz and there we've better not be personal!

  3. On 16th Jun 2010 at 06:30, Gleb Esman said:

    I decided to do shameless self-promotion for myself in Starbucks: I registered domain and stick it's name on the back of my laptop's screen. So when i work in Starbucks – everyone could read my "ad", lol.

    Why should i promote laptop brand but not myself?


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