Online Satellite Mapping – which is better?

I need to start off by saying I’m an avid use of Google Maps much more so than Yahoo’s or Mapquest’s or MSN’s (mapblast) – I like the functionality, features and data presented with Google maps over the others. In a real world situation, such as having clients find my office, I wanted to know what was really the most updated image/data and best resolution between the mapping sites.

Points to note: I used the same address of 140 S. Ash Ave, Tempe Az 85281 for all. Each image was screenshot with windows print screen and cropped to the same size and saved out as a quality 75 JPG from photoshop. (FYI – I only added white covers to hide the advertising on Mapquest and they also had no data on the furthest zoom level so I had to back it off one notch. Also mapblast (MSN) doesn’t even offer satellite views and is sooo horrible of a User Interface I excluded them from this experiment.  As a late addition (30 April 2008 @ 1900) I added Live maps because I forgot about that one initially – thanks to Paul Sutton and Ben Atkin for pointing that out).

Google Maps: of webmediarx
[Map Link] – [Flickr Photo Link]

Live Maps: of webmediarx
[Map Link] – [Flickr Photo Link]

Yahoo Maps: of webmediarx
[Map Link] – [Flickr Photo Link]

MapQuest: of webmediarx
[Map Link] – [Flickr Photo Link]

As you can see the resolution and zoom level in Google Maps is of much higher quality and with the ability to edit the marker in Google My Maps, I was able to better show where our actual office is instead of being in the middle of the street down the road.  After reviewing Live maps I’m somewhat of a fan of that as it offers a satellite view and also a “birds eye view” which is like an isometric view.  Both Google and Live have very clear high resolution images but again because of the overall functionality, and editablity of Google… I still will use that

Conclusion?  I’ll keep using Google Maps – – keep an eye on Live maps.


6 Responses to “Online Satellite Mapping – which is better?”

  1. On 30th Apr 2008 at 18:14, natahlee said:

    I’m with you. Google is god at mapping.

  2. On 30th Apr 2008 at 18:34, Ben Atkin said:


    There’s another Microsoft offering,, which does have satellite views and works in Firefox. It looks about the same as the Google Maps view, except the colors aren’t as bright. Here’s what it looks like:

    I have no idea why Microsoft still keeps MapBlast around when they have Also, I hadn’t even heard of MapBlast, though I knew Microsoft had something before they had

  3. On 11th Jun 2008 at 00:36, mapblast said:

    […] and data presented with Google maps over the others. In a real world situation, such as having c Redirecting MapBlast to MSN – Articlesi agree the new system suks,!old mapblast was much […]

  4. On 25th Jun 2008 at 17:12, jamie said:

    i’ve found that in some situations is pretty sweet for maps

  5. On 14th Sep 2008 at 02:01, JANE said:

    “Thanks guys for sharing such a wonderful article with us.

  6. On 14th Jun 2009 at 10:04, Web Design UK said:

    Yep, Google wins hands down. I love the new street level views they have introduced.

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